SUNY Potsdam Bias Incident Reporting Form

SUNY Potsdam is committed in fostering a safe and welcoming campus community for all students, faculty/staff, and visitors; in turn, it is the responsibility of each person within the community to join in creating an environment in which others can thrive without fear of hate or bias.

SUNY Potsdam defines a hate or bias-motivated incident as any disruptive conduct (oral, written, graphic or physical) that is against an individual, or individuals, because of their actual or perceived, race, color, national origin/ancestry, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, genetic predisposition, status as a victim of domestic violence, veteran and National Guard status, marital status, pregnancy, political affiliation, or arrest/conviction record.

If you believe that you have witnessed, or that you have been a target of, a hate-or-bias motivated incident on campus or while participating in a University-sponsored activity, you may bring the incident to the attention of the Bias Incidents Response Team (BIRT) by completing this form.

If this is an EMERGENCY situation, contact the University Police Department at 315-267-2222. Do NOT use this form to report events that present an immediate threat to health or safety.

Note: the SUNY Potsdam BIRT must inform the SUNY Potsdam University Police of any crimes reported via the bias incident reporting form.

Bias incident reports are completely anonymous unless you want a member of the BIRT to contact you to follow up on the incident. Should you choose to report anonymously, please note that the BIRT may not not be able to take action. This does not mean that your report goes unnoticed, but rather is documented should any further reports come in regarding a similar incident. It is your right to remain anonymous and the BIRT understands the need for anonymity. This reporting process is designed to maintain the privacy of those who choose to use it: To that end, information provided by you will be kept confidential to the extent possible unless you authorize its release for investigation and/or follow-up. If you wish to remain anonymous, please be advised that you will not be contacted by SUNY Potsdam BIRT regarding any follow-up related to this report.

1. I would like to be contacted regarding this incident.

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