Wellness Advocates - Evaluation of Services

Thank you for your willingness to provide feedback regarding your recent Wellness Advocate experience.

The information you provide is strictly confidential.

1. Date you met with a Wellness Advocate.

2. Please tell us how you perceived your counselor
Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Understanding of your feelings
Listened to what I had to say
Acceptance of you as a person
Overall s/he is
S/he helped me stay in school
S/he has helped my academic performance

3. Which Wellness Advocate did you speak to?
Alissa Collier
Amanda Whelan
Amber Perkins
Ammy Smith
Ashley Holzer
Asia Mills-Burton
Beth Anne Sanford
Beverly Holtz
Carrin Dresser
Diana Gugino
Erin Casey
Juliana Brush
Julie Hollis
Kaitlin Flack
Karleen Hayes
Kate Haggerty
Kati Tan
Leo Adle
Marlene Lovaglio
Mikayla Robert
Sara Pinsker
Shanequa Nurse
Tanasia Betts
Varvara Yakuta
I don't know his/her name

4. Would you recommend this Wellness Advocate to other students?

5. Why or why not?

6. What things did the Wellness Advocate do that you felt to be MOST and LEAST helpful?

7. In relation to your experience with the Wellness Advocates, please rate the following items:
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Ease of finding contact number
Welcoming initial contact
Waiting time to reach Wellness Advocate

8. Think back to the concern for which you originally called a Wellness Advocates. Please describe how you are NOW dealing with this problem and any changes that you have made.

9. Other comments or suggestions about the general functioning of the Wellness Advocates and how we might improve our services.

Thank you for your feedback!

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